Region: Basse-Normandie

The verdant meadows of Lower Normandy feed cows which produce world-famous milk, cream and cheese, apples from the Pays d’Auge are used to make cider and Calvados and the marshes and copses of the Cotenin peninsula are teeming with game. The region’s cliffs and beaches offer a wonderful palette of colours. As well as visitors who come to admire its history and enjoy its traditions, Lower Normandy’s 470km of coastline attracts holidaymakers seeking relaxation in its famous resorts, walking it its countryside and nature reserves and enjoying its wonderful food and drink. Calvados - Manche – Orne – Caen – Honfleur – Bayeux – Bellême. Discover our charming B&Bs, charming country houses and charming small hotels in this region.

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