“Birds In Springtime” Themed Weekend

Our B&B “un matin dans les bois” regularly organises engaging themed weekends.

“Birds in springtime” themed weekend
The first of the year, which runs from Friday 17/03/2017 to Sunday 19/03/2017, is all about birds in springtime. A fantastic initiative, right at the start of spring.

Three guests will take you on a journey of discovery through the B&B’s 5-hectare domain that will stimulate your senses as you seek out the many birds that have returned from the south.

Jean Boucault, a fantastic bird imitator will take you on a walk, in which he invites you to take in the sounds around you. You will be amazed at how many birds you can hear if you just stand still and listen. He will point out the various melodies and he really seems to communicate with the birds with his unbelievably realistic mimicry.

Next, you will go out looking for birds with wildlife photographer Karl Gillebert. He takes you on an apprenticeship, teaches you the tricks of the trade and tells you how you can photograph birds to capture that one special moment.

Dominique Gall, painter and illustrator of wild animals, is opening the doors to his studio especially for this event. You can view his works and hear him explain his technique. He even has a bestiary (encyclopaedia of fantasy creatures) that you can browse through.

You can find all the practical information here

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