Monkfish 'en Meurette'

Monkfish 'en Meurette'

‘I had to improvise this recipe one day when I had prepared beef cheek “en meurotte”, only to discover two hours before the meal that my guests didn’t eat meat!!! Fortunately, I had bought two lovely monkfish tails at the market that morning, originally intending to serve them “à l'armoricaine” the next day...’ (Dominique Ogier)

Ingredients for 6 people

1.5kg monkfish tail - 1 bottle Irancy or Chitry or other red wine - 200g smoked bacon, diced

500g button mushrooms, sliced - 3tbs flour - 4 shallots, peeled and finely chopped - salt and Szechuan pepper - 4 bay leaves - a little oil


Heat the oil in a cast-iron casserole over a moderate heat and gently fry the shallot and bacon until the shallots are transparent - Add 3 tablespoons of flour, stir well and gradually add the red wine to obtain a smooth but thin sauce - Meanwhile, fry the mushrooms in a frying pan and add them to the sauce with the bay leaves - Put the lid on the casserole and simmer over a low heat for two hours - 15 minutes before serving, steam the monkfish for around 15 minutes until cooked, depending on the thickness - Separate the flesh from the bones and cartilege and divide into 6 portions - Place straight onto hot plates and cover with the sauce


Serve with

Serve with noodles or tagliatelle and an Irancy or Chitry red wine

A recipe from
Les Champs Melisey

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