Country: Netherlands

Around 11 million tourists visit the Netherlands each year. The most visited provinces are West Holland and East Holland; the rest of the country attracts far fewer visitors. These tourists spend around 10bn euros each year on souvenirs and other goods. Tourism is an important source of revenue for the country. The most popular destinations are Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. The main reasons for tourists to visit the Netherlands are to see the canals, the traditional houses with gabled facades (as in Amsterdam) and the windmills. Many visitors also come for business, as Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague have large financial districts that are home to the registered offices of many Dutch and international firms. Visitors also enjoy tasting traditional Dutch beer and cheese. The Dutch coast is mainly visited by the Dutch themselves, although you will bump into the odd foreign visitor there. Drenthe - Flevoland – Friesland – Gelderland Groningen - Limburg - Noord-Brabant - Noord-Holland - Overijssel - Utrecht – Zeeland - Zuid-Holland. Discover our charming B&Bs, charming country houses and charming small hotels in this country.

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