Our Passion Is Your Guarantee

As we travel around visiting existing and new members, we are always delighted to discover a new address, its environment, its particular charm, its interior décor and to meet its owners or hosts. They are often passionate, welcoming and with an open-minded approach and are eager to share their life experiences, activities and hobbies in their conversations with their guests.

We often visit incognito as we have found this is the only way to check whether or not an address meets our selection criteria and to gain a true impression of the place and the owner’s personality, as well as to take our own photos. This enables us to maintain a consistent quality and uniformity on our website and in our gudebook. The name of the person who visited each member address and the date of their visit are shown on the address’s page.

While we visit most of the addresses ourselves, we also work with local correspondants for the more distant areas so as to ensure extended coverage that meets your expectations.

  • The Netherlands are covered by Frances Jaarsma, formerly the manager of a Dutch B&B association. She runs her own charming B&B “De Lindenhof” in the Gelderland district and also co-ordinates a network of antique and junk shops.
  • Belgium and Northern France are covered by Danielle Neijs and Philippe Janssens who make a great team. While Danielle interviews the owners, Philippe takes photos of the buildings from every angle. In addition to this work, Danielle runs her own publishing house, specialising in tourist guides and fine art books (www.octogone.com).  
  • South-Western France is covered by Jean-Claude Belanger, a wine merchant from Bordeaux who also organises wine tourism holidays in the Bordelais and runs his own B&B “Peyraguey Maison Rouge” at Sauternes.