Un Matin Dans Les Bois

It is well-hidden amid the greenery and is a delightful seventeenth-century family home

Un Matin dans les Bois
Un matin dans les bois

Loison sur Crequoise , Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

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You will find''Le Domaine du Fresnoy'' on the edge of the road that leads from the village of Loison through the fields to a small wood. It is well-hidden amid the greenery and is a delightful seventeenth-century family home built of brick and tufa stone which dates back to the era of the Knights Templar! Some of the outbuildings have been converted into three superb guest bedrooms and a family suite. Each has its own style and decor and each is named after a famous ornithologist - John Latham, Thomas Bewick, John James Audubon and Tory Petersen. The rooms are decorated in natural materials, clear colours and furniture and ornaments picked up here and there with a link to the names of the bedrooms. It goes without saying that your hosts love nature and birds. Bird guides and binoculars are available, as are lanterns for nocturnal walks in the woods. Several areas of the garden have been laid out for relaxation, including a sofa with a view, seats under a large tree, hammocks and the patio around the swimming pool. You can also cycle around the countryside, visit some local abbeys, parks and gardens or travel to the nearby coast.''Un Matin Dans Les Bois'' was one of our favourite discoveries and well worth booking a stay! 

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