Who Are We ?

Building on her long experience in publishing  (at Didier Hatier, Marabout, Complexe, A Plus, etc.), Danielle Neijs created “Les Editions de l'Octogone” in the Spring of 1993. 

A publishing philosophy

“Les Editions de l'Octogone” is part of the movement of creative “artisan” publishers, in search of new and original subjects and always ready to take on new projects. The company is led by a small and flexible team which works with selected collaborators : writers, translators, photographs, cartographers, printers, distributors, press agents and other advisors.

A cultural vocation

“Les Editions de l'Octogone” gained its cultural credentials by publishing a series of guidebooks to Belgian heritage. These guidebooks tackled new subjects which were not covered elsewhere, including  Modern Architecture in Brussels, Contemporary Architecture in Belgium and the 8 In the Footsteps of Writers guidebooks, each covering a city or region in Belgium, with extracts from the works of famous authors who lived there or who visited them and fell in love with them, or who were simply inspired by them. 

International renown

“Les Editions de l'Octogone” gained international recognition with its Charming Bed & Breakfasts guidebook, which helped to develop the B&B concept in Belgium, France and the Netherlands and which contributed to the growing popularity of this type of accommodation.

Fine Art Books

“Les Editions de l'Octogone” also publishes a range of fine art books, from illustrated books of poetry to photo-documentaries. Well-known writers and unusual photographers combine their talents in a sort of alchemy to produce thought-provoking titles such as  "Ecorces”, “The Last Tobacco Planters of the Semois”, “Baraques à frites/Fritkots”, “Urban Landscapes of Brussels” and “Urban Landscapes of Louvain-la-Neuve”.


“Les Editions de l'Octogone” also publishes private, tailor-made books for all sorts of clients. It offers an end-to-end consulting service that starts with the concept and ends with the publication of the book, with the help of selected partners. It has published tailor-made guidebooks, fine art books, illustrated catalogues and art and tourist books.

International publishing

The French-language books published by “Les Editions de l'Octogone” are distributed in Belgium by Interforum editis Benelux, 117, Boulevard de l’Europe,  1301 Wavre. Tel +32(0)10 420 310 Fax +32(0)10 412 024. Its books in Dutch, German and English are distributed in Belgium byDavidsfonds uitgeverij, 79-81, Blijde-Inkomstraat,  3000 Leuven. Tel +32 (0)16 310 600 Fax +32 (0)16 310 608. Books can also be ordered via our website www.octogone.com

Les Editions de l’Octogone (L’Octogone SPRL), 5, Rampe de Floribois, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve Tel +32 (0)10 229 300 Fax +32 (0)10 229 310 edition@octogone.com www.octogone.com